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Caring Agency

Aupair? Volunteer?

You are young and found of adventures? Do you want to spend one year abroad? Do you have interest in foreigner languages and other cultures? Do you love children and are relational? Are you familiar with social and ecological commitment? Would you like to invest in an international multicultural stay to discover another country and a new lifestyle, to gain new life experience and new skills?
Yes? Be an Au Pair or a Volunteer with CaringAgency!

What we do?

CaringAgency is a reputable placement agency in Madagascar, founded in 2017 to help young Malagasy to realize their dream of becoming Au Pair or Volunteer abroad. We currently work with reputable and accredited agencies and organizations in Europe, especially in Germany, Belgium, France and Luxemburg.

Why CaringAgency??

We assist our au pairs/Volunteer from the beginning of their application through language courses, coaching, visa application and travel to the end of their stay abroad. We find the perfect match for both sides, “au pair &host family” or “volunteer & organization” thanks to our close collaboration with our partners. CaringAgency cares about the personality and expectations of each au pair and host family. We are not only satisfied with a successful placement, but also ensure a successful stay and a mutually living together

Our Events

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    To enter our agency, this test is compulsory. The purpose of this test is to assess your personality, your motivations, your assets, your expectations of becoming au pair or volunteer and also to check your level of French and English and/or German.

    Our last test in 17th July 2021 was impressive for us and we are very proud of our new recruits. The next test will be communicated here.


    You will live in a developed country, which is very different from Madagascar. You will face new situations and a very different lifestyle and culture. Our Coaching will prepare you for the life you will live there and for the tasks and responsibility your future host expect from you. Being Au pair or volunteer abroad need some qualifications and some competences! In our center, we prepare and guide you to be an excellent one! Once you become among us, you will be invited to attend our regular meeting!


    We provide German and English courses. Our next term is in August 2021.

Our services

Language Course

Caring Agency offers you language courses with qualified and methodical teachers. Our courses are based on oral practice and also prepare you for your project of becoming an au pair
Our German courses:
* Level : A 1, A2 and B1
* Duration: 3 months / level
* Schedule: Monday to Friday, 2 hours a day

Our English courses:
* Level : Beginner and Advanced
* Duration: 3 months / level
* Schedule: Monday to Friday, 2 hours a day

Au pair and volunteer placement

Once we see that you are ready for the application, we will present you to our partners. We will find a suitable host family or organization for you. We will assist you from the beginning of your application through language courses, coaching, visa application, travel preparation to the end of your stay abroad. We currently prepare and mediate applicants to Europe especially to Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

Visa application

We will assist you through the administrative procedures related to visa and work permit applications, and will prepare you for eventual interviews at the embassies

Our Hardworking Team

Our team, young and dynamic, knows well the au pair and volunteer programs, together we work hard and efficiently to help our students and applicants to realize their dream of going to Europe, and ensure our partners are satisfied with our collaboration


    Founder & Director Manager

  • Sam Olivia Razanamalala

    Au pair coordinator

    English Teacher & Trainer

    Tiana Rabemananjara

    Au pair coordinator

    German Teacher & Trainer

    Paquerette Razaiarimalala

    Au pair coordinator

    German Teacher& Trainer

    Namby Razafinjatovo

    Volunteer coordinator

    German Teacher& Trainer

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